Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Math Assessment - Prime Numbers, GCF, LCM, etc.

Hi everyone,

Our students have a Math test tomorrow on the following:
- Vocabulary (multiple choice)
- Prime and Composite Numbers
- Divisibility Rules
- Prime Factorization, Factor Trees
- Greatest Common Factor
- Lowest Common Multiple

There will not be word problems on this assessment, however in the future, word problems will be a regular part of assessments.

Students have a glossary in the back of their notebooks.  They are responsible for knowing what the vocab words mean, however they will not be asked to define the words.  There will be a multiple choice section of the test to indicate their understanding of the vocabulary.  Beyond that, if questions include any of the vocabulary words, it is expected that students know what they mean.

Our Word Wall/Vocabulary for this Math unit
This Khan Academy video is useful to help with divisibility and prime factorization:

This one is helpful for explaining Greatest Common Factor:

And last but not least, Lowest Common Multiple:

*these videos help to clarify the concept, but students should be comfortable using the factor tree (prime factorization) to determine GCF and LCM

Please take a bit of time tonight to review concepts with students.  There will be no "rewrite" opportunities for students, as there are many opportunities for them to demonstrate their learning throughout the course of the upcoming units.

Thanks!  Have a great night,
Miss Skelton :)

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