Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kandalore tomorrow!

Hi everyone, 

We leave for Kandalore tomorrow!  That came up fast!  

Students who are not attending Kandalore are expected to be at school.  If students will not be attending, please contact the school using our Safe Arrival line (905-778-2011) to inform the office of the absence. If students are attending school, they need to line up with their class (if their class has been switched due to reorganization, they are to line up with their new class and teacher) for attendance.  Once attendance is done, these students will gather their materials, receive a work package, and make their way to Room 240 (Mr. Minns' room) for the next 3 days.  Mrs. Morrison will be their teacher. If students' homerooms are portables, they will NOT have access to those classrooms over the three days.

The following are some questions that have been asked regarding the Kandalore trip:
My child has special dietary requirements - how will those needs be met?
As long as you let your child's teacher know, we can make arrangements with the camp to provide appropriate meals for them (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, no dairy, etc.).  If there is a specialty item that your child requires, we have access to the fridge at the camp, so we can store it for your child.
What kind of security measures are taken?
Students will be supervised by camp staff or their teachers at all times.  Fieldcrest has hired a security person that will do rounds of the camp every half hour from 11pm to 7am.  In the event of an emergency, students may find this security person at the office by the dining hall.
Are there lifeguards?
Yes - all camp staff have their Bronze Cross certification.
Will my child be forced to do activities that he/she is uncomfortable with?
No - Kandalore's philosophy is "Challenge By Choice" - students are encouraged, but never forced to participate in activities.  We celebrate if they climb 3 feet or 30 feet!
What do I do if my child requires regular medication?
For any medication, SCDSB policy requires that we have appropriate paperwork filled out that has a doctor's signature (it was the "medication" form that was sent home with Kandalore paperwork). Please include clear, detailed information about time and dose of medication to be administered.
For all medications, please give them directly to Mrs. Swaile Black upon arriving at Fieldcrest before leaving for camp. Regardless of what kind of medication it is, it must be stored and administered by a teacher.
Can my child bring a cell phone?
It is recommended that students leave electronics at home. Neither Fieldcrest nor Kandalore will be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.  With the activities that we will be doing at the camp, there is a chance that the device will be damaged due to being dropped from a height or being dropped into water. We also expect that if you DO choose to send your child with a cell phone or other electronic device, they will be responsible about its use and ensure that it is not on/out/seen during camp activities. As far as contacting your child goes, we like to think of it this way:  "If you don't hear from us, they're great!"!

What should my child pack?
Students need to be able to carry ALL of their own luggage/bedding in one trip, so please make it manageable! Here's the list that Kandalore sent to us to send home (it was at the back of the package that came home with the paperwork last week):

  • 1 packed lunch (we will be eating lunch once we get to Kandalore - please make this lunch as "garbage-free" as possible!)
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 fleece jacket or warm sweater
  • 2 pairs of pants (jeans not recommended)
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 2 long sleeve shirts
  • 3 t-shirts
  • underwear (more than one pair!)
  • 4-6 pairs of socks (wool or fleece are warmest)
  • 1 hat for sun/rain
  • toque/mitts for cool evenings
  • 2 pairs of shoes (appropriate shoes for running around)
  • 1 bathing suit (the one that "covers the most")
  • 1 towel
  • 1 sleeping bag
  • 1 pillow
  • 1 water bottle
  • 1 rain jacket (and pants, if possible)
  • umbrella
  • sun screen/bug spray
  • flashlight
  • toiletries
  • camera, watch, sunglasses are optional
This is by no means a "must-have" list.  If you feel that your child needs more or fewer of the items listed above, please include them.  Students will be responsible for toting all of their items, including sleeping bags and pillows, so no more than one bag to pack all other items is recommended.

Just a reminder, as well, of items that Kandalore recommends students DON'T bring:
  • junk food - the camp is a PEANUT-FREE ENVIRONMENT
  • valuables (e.g., iPod, video games, cell phone, etc)
  • knives, lighters, etc.
We plan to leave by 9:30am on Monday, so normal arrival time is fine for students, however they cannot bring their gear/luggage on the bus, so a drop off is preferred.  We'll bring them back between 3:30 and 4:00pm on Wednesday afternoon.
Can't wait!  See you then!

Miss Skelton :)

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