The following website is a good online dictionary for translating:

Students are reminded to NOT use google translate, as there are a lot of verb tenses and vocabulary that students are not familiar with.  Students should be aware that if they are going to use google translate, they will be required to redo the assignment.  Doing it once and properly is the best route!

The following are verb endings that students should know as the basis for our upcoming units:

-ER verbs  (e.g., parler)
je       -e (e.g., parle)
tu       -es  (e.g., parles)
il        -e (e.g., parle)
elle    -e (e.g., parle)
nous  -ons  (e.g., parlons)
vous  -ez  (e.g., parlez)
ils      - net  (e.g., parlent)
elles   -ent  (e.g., parlent)

-IR verbs  (e.g., choisir)
je       -is  (e.g., choisis)
tu      -is  (e.g., choisis)
il        -it  (e.g., choisit)
elle    -it  (e.g., choisit)
nous  -issons  (e.g., choisissons)
vous  -issez  (e.g., choisissez)
ils      - issent  (e.g., choisissent)
elles   -issent  (e.g., choisissent)

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