Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kandalore Info Night

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all who attended our Kandalore Information Night.  Brock Sheppard (camp director) made the trek down from the camp to answer questions about our Kandalore trip.

Some key points included:
- the camp is nut -free - please encourage campers to leave nut snacks at home
- forward food allergy information to your child's teacher and we will make sure your child has appropriate food made for him or her
- students will be supervised overnight by camp staff - our school has arranged for night time security; if there are any issues, camp security is available to help
- campers will be supervised during activities by camp staff; teachers will visit groups throughout the days
- students are encouraged by Kandalore staff (and Fieldcrest teachers) to leave electronic devices at home to "disconnect"; disposable cameras are encouraged
- please refer to the package that went home for a list of gear that should be brought/packed
- students need to be able to carry all of their own stuff - they won't have help, as everyone else will have stuff, too!
- all medication must be given to teachers upon leaving Fieldcrest - campers must NOT have their medication in their cabins
- students must wear lifejackets when they are within 10 feet of the water
- Kandalore has an outstanding safety record; many safety precautions are put in place, with camper safety being a number one priority above all else
- all activities are "choose your challenge" - students will be asked to challenge themselves, but not forced to go beyond what they're comfortable with

Please remember that all paperwork for camp is due no later than Tuesday, September 16. 

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Skelton or Mrs. Davis!

Looking forward to camp!
Miss Skelton :)

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