Saturday, October 18, 2014

History & Science October

Hi everyone,

Our students have a few assessments and assignments coming up, as well as some important dates to remember.

On Tuesday, October 21, they will have a History Quiz - they've known about it for several days and should be in the process of studying on a nightly basis.

Girls have their HPV shots this week (Thursday, October23) - please make sure that paperwork is returned, whether or not they're receiving the needles.  We need to have parental indication that students are or are not going to be getting them.

Phys. Ed. presentations begin this week - see The Mid-October post for the schedule.

Students have also been assigned a project for Science - they will be researching a system in the human body. More details about this assignment will be added to the Science page of our blog on Sunday.  A due date is yet to be set. The following students will be doing the following systems:

Circulatory System
Davis - Rohan, Muhammed
Skelton - Andy, Christopher, Shreya, Janabi

Digestive System
Davis - Meadow, Morgan, Taha
Skelton - Mitchell, Sajeetan, Jannany, Jason

Excretory System
Davis - Jewell, Nelie
Skelton -

Immune System
Davis - Ashley, Maks, James
Skelton - Angus, Malcolm, Simon

Muscular System
Davis - Justin, Owen, Chris
Skelton - Yash, Reuben, Julia

Nervous System
Davis - Nat, Kathlyn, Kayla
Skelton - Somaya, Tyrese, Brody

Reproductive System
Davis - Amanda, Kris-Anne, Ryan
Skelton - AJ, Madi, Davis

Respiratory System
Davis - Ethan, Jasjit, Deyshawn
Skelton - Hailey, Mackenzie, Nick

Skeletal System
Davis - Bella, Sandra
Skelton - Morgan, Dhanvin, Liam

Students are invited to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) on Tuesday and Friday, as they will have time to research in class on those days.  They are also welcome to bring in outside resources, including information they've found online or books they've been able to acquire, whether from personal collections or the library.  Other text resources will be available as well.

Enjoy your weekend,
Miss Skelton :)

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