Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pi Day!

image from http://www.pinkcatstudio.com/
Pi Day is coming up!! On March 13th (the day before Pi Day),  Miss Skelton's class will be celebrating with all kinds of "Pi"-related festivities! It will start with "Pi"zza (pepperoni or cheese), provided by Miss Skelton at 1:55 (the beginning of our afternoon block)!

Pyjamas and Pizza!
What are our students saying about Pi?

Liam says these puns are "pi"larious!
"My hand kills so much from writing, I feel like I'm going to "pi"! - Morgan
Julia's shirt says "pi"nk!

What puns do you have about Pi?

If students wish, they can visit www.piday.org all things pi!

Miss Skelton :)

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