Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grit & Resilience

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, we watched a few videos and had a discussion about what it means to be resilient.  We talked about what resilience means (the ability to face adversity and bounce back or push through), and we looked at some examples of hardships that famous names have faced and who have persevered.  Here are the videos that we watched:

What Students Really Need to Hear:

Famous Failures:

We also watched a couple of videos about the internet's cutest cat, Lil Bub.  She was, as a kitten, diagnosed with osteoporosis, and her owner was told that there was no hope of curing her.  Watch this video to see what courage, motivation, and determination resulted in:

These videos sparked some fantastic discussions among students and throughout the period, they were encouraged to talk about challenges that they face, strategies they could use to overcome them, and ways that we can support each other both in the classroom and out.  As this was an introduction, responses were fairly surface-level, and as we progress with focusing on the concept of being resilient, our hopes are that students will internalize some of these strategies and start to live them.

Miss Skelton :)

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