Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Spreading Cheer!

Hi everyone!

Hard to believe that it's December already... our students are hard at work creating some holiday magic for some children in Cookstown!

We are the lucky recipients of letters from grade 2 students... who have written to Santa's elves!  We get to respond to these letters as Santa's elves, and today, some of our grade 8 students were able to start brainstorming their responses.  We even have Elf names!  What's yours?

taken from a really cute Facebook post!
Here are some of our students' names... with even more than what's above!  More to come on Thursday, when Miss Skelton's crew gets their letters!

Here are some ideas that we brainstormed for our letters...

The magic that these letters will create for these little Grade 2 minds will be a memory we hope they hold on to for life.  And your Grade 8 student gets to be a part of creating that!  We are so excited to be able to participate in this wonderful exchange - please talk to your child about their letter and help them come up with other, creative ideas that will take little imaginations even further into the wonder of the season!

Have a great evening,
Miss Skelton :)

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